Why Us

We offer a wide range of treatments including Cosmetic, Implant, Preventative, and Restorative dentistry to serve the needs of individual patient. We think about post treatment care and schedule follow up reminders. Smile is infectious! We at Upadhyay Dental Clinic make sure anything else is not, with strict infection control protocol.

Education videos and literatures, intraoral cameras are used to educate and motivate the patients for better oral hygiene. At Upadhyay dental clinic we have, state of the art armamentarium with AERB approved digital x-ray units with reduced radiation exposure. Intra-oral Digital Sensors are used to take x-rays which are displayed immediately on the screen. We practice appointment based treatment schedules and provide special care for elderly patient and children.

Infection Control

Pathogenic microrganisms are responsible for various diseases. Universal precautions must be taken for all patients (i.e. all patients should be considered potentially infected). We at Upadhyay Dental Clinic take measures for Instruments sterilization using autoclave. We utilize glass bead sterilization of small instruments chair side which utilizes less time. Also all autoclaved instruments are stored in UV chamber for effective maintenance after the autoclave procedure .Surface disinfection is done promptly in working area. Clean and sterile water supply to dental unit is made sure.

Proper disposal of contaminated waste(needles, gloves, suction tips, glasses etc) is followed with registered biomedical waste management system. We follow OSHA(Occupational safety and health administration) guidelines for the same.

Routine Dental Check Up

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is!!! Early detection and treatment can prevent or slow many major health concerns and costly surgeries. Heart disease and stroke, premature births of babies have also been linked to poor dental health. Good oral health care can lead to higher self esteem and improved nutrition.

At regular check-up exams, your dentist will perform examination of diagnostic X-rays , oral cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, examination of tooth decay and existing restorations, check current fillings, crowns and need for orthodontic treatment.

Smile Analysis Questionnaire

Your smile affects your self-image, and can greatly influence the quality of your interactions with others. Many people hold back from smiling because they are uncomfortable with their smile. The following questions are designed to honestly appraise your smile.

Go to a mirror, smile as wide as you can, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are any of your teeth yellow, stained or somewhat discolored?k
  • Do you see any pitting or defects on the surface of your teeth?
  • Do any of your teeth appear too short, small,large or long?
  • Do you have any prior dental work that appears unnatural?
  • Are you missing any teeth?
  • Are the edges of any teeth worn down, chipped or uneven?
  • Are your gums red, sore, puffy, bleeding or receded?
  • Would you like your teeth to be whiter?
  • Do you have any gaps or spaces between your teeth?
  • Are you self-conscious about your teeth or smile?
  • Are any of your teeth turned, crooked, or uneven?
  • Do you have a gummy smile?(too much of your gums show when you smile)
  • When being photographed, do you smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a full smile?
  • Would you like to change anything about the appearance of your teeth or smile?

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    If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, there are often several alternatives to improve your teeth and smile. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted! contact us today to schedule an appointment.

About Us

“You’re not healthy without good oral health.” Your mouth is a window into the health of the body.

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Quick FAQ

  • What is Cosmetic dentistry?

    Cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer to a more beautiful, confident smile.

  • What are dental caries?

    Dental caries is an irreversible progressive microbial disease of multifactorial origin, that causes demineralization of calcified tissues of the teeth and destruction of organic structure of tooth.

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